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Danish Dining Tables & Furniture

Danish Furniture Design often falls under the wider banner of Scandanavian style design, because it features so much in common with other elements of Scandi Design. Denmark, for the small country that it is, certainly packs a punch on the world stage when it comes to designing and creating beautiful furniture, Danish furniture boasts simple lines, luxury materials and a real cool, minimalistic, yet cosy finish which is impossible to recreate with other furniture styles. 

At Laura James, we are proud to represent the very finest of Danish Design with our range of Danish Dining Tables & Chairs - which not only look fantastic, but work brilliantly in homes of all styles, shapes and sizes. 

So much effort has gone into the design and manufacturing of these dining sets, simply because in Danish culture - the dining room and meal times is incredibly important, with friends and family coming together to enjoy good food, drink and company. 

Within the range are six seater large danish dining tables, as well as four seater and two seater options for smaller kitchens and dining rooms. All of these pieces boast beautiful innovative features and designs, using only the very best materials. 

You can view the full range above, and as always - get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection. Many of these products are selling out, and we are restocking and adding new Danish Furniture to our collections all of the time, so do keep checking back.