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Modern Coffee Tables

At Laura James, we stock and supply a fantastic range of modern & contemporary coffee tables which look fantastic in any style of home. Boasting sleek lines and the finest materials, these coffee tables do a brilliant job of not only adding important functionality into a room, but also a stylish addition - complementing the rooms style perfectly. We always find that a coffee table in a living room, makes the room feel complete - acting as an important focal point in your home.

Returning to the functionality of a coffee table, what other piece of furniture allows you to put your coffee down, store the remote controls, put your feet up, play game boards on, and store items in it’s drawers. Coffee tables are immensely practical items.

Our range of contemporary and modern coffee tables are absolutely stunning, with a range of innovative features, including secret storage. You can view the full range here, and as always - if you have any questions about the range, please do just get in touch.