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Radiator Cabinets

Radiator Cabinets are some of the most controversial products we sell here at Laura James, some customers love them, some hate them! One of the most decisive aspects of a Radiator Cover is whether or not they reduce the amount of heat which your radiator, radiates!

Instead of weighing in on this debate however, we will simply look at all the positive reasons for adding a radiator cabinet into your home. First of all, Radiator Covers protect children and youngsters in your home against burning themselves on your hot radiators. Secondly, Radiator Covers are a stylish addition - adding a classy look and feel into any room. Thirdly, they quickly and cheaply cover ugly and noisy radiators!

You can view our full range of Radiator Cabinets here, and as always - if you have any questions about the range, please do just get in touch.