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White High Gloss Furniture

At Laura James, we are incredibly proud of our ever growing range of White High Gloss Furniture, which encompasses a wide range of product groups  - from TV Units & Storage Furniture, to stunning dining tables and coffee tables.

Our range of White Gloss Furniture is also some of the easiest to style as well, making it ideal for first time buyers - looking for a stylish addition to their home, without having to worry too much about exact interior design styles. The colour white is also a massive advantage too, white matches or contrasts perfectly with/against any colour scheme, White is also a very calming colour - ensuring that the neutral palette will also work with a range of textures and colours.

There are of course, a couple of key things to consider when purchasing high gloss white furniture - always use coasters and placemats, always mop up spillages quickly - other than that, just ensure it’s kept dustfree with a wipe of a microfiber cloth!

You can view the full range above, and as always - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.